Chapter 2: To Fortune Tellers

Fortune Tellers

Floret for me to see her long opportunity is not easy, I naturally carefully prepared one time.

First I got a haircut, then I went home and changed into a T-shirt and cropped pants from a sports brand. Then I went to the mall in the county and bought some supplements for florets parents.

The money spent on these supplements will soon cover a month’s living expenses for grandpa and me.

Time almost to noon, I rode on the home that big 28 bike, with what I bought went to the little home.

This big 28 phoenix brand bicycle or my father left at that time, grandpa has been reluctant to throw, but also bought new parts to repair several times, so barely able to ride.

Of course I wanted to buy a new car, but my grandfather put his foot down. He said I should either ride the old one or not.

I pedal big 28 to floret downstairs, I saw her standing there waiting for me, I stopped the car, did not open his mouth to say some happy words, floret said: “how do you ride this broken car?

I haven’t spoken, floret again way: “I call you, your zha don’t connect?”

I take out nokia from pocket “plank brick” looked a way: “just ride a bike, didn’t hear, zha, dozen dozen telephone, I this is not arrive, this just 11:30, not calculate late.”

“Said I put the bike on the hanging two boxes of tonic took down, floret press my hand said:” li first, we break up.

“What!” I thought floret was joking.

Floret continued: “we break up, we are to meet at half past eleven, can you just come to my house downstairs at half past eleven, the last chance you don’t know to cherish, in addition to tell you the truth,, my mother called you here today is to treat you to dinner, and then say we broke up, I’m afraid you embarrassed at the dinner table for a while, this just block your downstairs, let’s just, you take away something, we don’t meet again in the future.”

Said floret will push a, I back a back, I knocked down the big 28 bike, is my car is too broken, to slow.


A sound fell ring, floret opened his mouth did not speak, the door to the apartment door closed, leaving me a stand in front of the big 28 bike fell down.

I would rather give flowers to make a phone call again, but the phone is the mother of flowers, wait for me to speak to there rang rang, said: “okay, my flowers are clear to you, you will go, also don’t bubble urine to see their own virtue, want money have no money, to no education of record of formal schooling, job didn’t work, and why marry my little flower, hurriedly roll.”

“Fuck you!

I swore and hung up the phone, then picked up my 28 bike and walked off with the two boxes of “valuable” supplements.

I still have the receipt of this supplement, which says I can return it in three days.

Break up with floret, I did not have what unhappy, be some love dearly, love dearly I once spent money.

I returned the supplement and went straight back to our store, where two middle-aged men were standing when I entered.

So I went in and greeted them with a smile, asking who had gone to their house and not waiting for an answer, but asking what they needed.

“I asked, and one of the middle-aged men looked at me carefully for a few moments. Then he looked at my grandfather and said,” this is your grandson.

Hey, who are these people who know my grandfather’s old nickname?

My grandfather did not say a word, continue to lie in rocking chair to watch TV, the middle-aged man that speak also not angry toward my grandfather way: “I, this time come for nothing, be for beg of your old family of a hang, how many money can.”

My grandfather took one look at the middle-aged man and said, “I said, I’m sealed. I’m not going to read faces or divinations for anyone anymore. You go find someone else.”

The middle aged person still does not want to leave, to my grandfather way: “god phase, although this all under the heaven physiognomy many, can divination have you so severe but difficult to find out 1 2 come, you let me find someone else, is not difficult me?”

Before my grandfather opened his mouth, I came forward and said to the middle-aged man: “all right, we only sell wreaths and shroud here, if you don’t buy it, hurry to go, calculate the gua, go out right turn, people river willow, a lot of stalls fortune telling.

And I’m going to start pushing.

At this time that has not spoken middle-aged people will come up to stop me, but has been talking to this person to drink to stop: “old autumn, don’t start, this is the god phase of the home, how can nonsense?

The middle-aged man, called old autumn, stepped aside.

The middle-aged man turned his head and looked at my grandfather and me. “god,” he said, “we are leaving now, but I will come back again until you promise to help me divination. Only you can help me solve this problem.”

This middle-aged man said so, I slightly noticed his face, two eyebrows asymmetry, the difference is a little big.

Double eyebrow is brother gong, this kind of face person numerically says to be able to have the same father half brother and sister.

At the same time, a pair of his eyebrows are relatively short, numerology shows that the brothers are at odds with each other.

His age looked as if it would be concerning forty, and his luck at this stage was usually higher than his eyes, below his eyebrows, and a touch close to the corners of his eyes, each of that were a touch dark, indicating that his luck within the past 2 years wasn’t superb, or maybe a touch unhealthy.

In addition, if he’s thirty-nine years recent, he ought to be within the year of fireside and water. If he’s forty, it’s the year of fireside, the year once hearth brings forth the world and therefore the earth holds the primary look of a person, the year once things in him can bear fruit.

As for the result, it’s not clear whether or not it’s smart or unhealthy for the nowadays, for there’s no distinction within the remainder of his face. If there’s no accident, it’s in all probability a mixed result.

In addition, there have been no alternative signs in his face, except a disagreement between his brothers and sisters, that indicated that his misfortune was in all probability caused by his brothers and sisters, that is why he came to inquire from me concerning my grandparent this point.

I aspect saw that middleaged person a number of eyes a lot of, he curious raise me: “little brother, are you able to see facial expression?”

I froze and aforementioned, “a bit.”

He asked American state, “do you see anything?”

I checked out it turned to granddaddy, he’s still observation TV, as if do not care concerning my state of affairs here, and that i thought for an instant I see just account for the adult male aforementioned once more, hear American state say that end, I then he says: “god, god, god, talent and find your grandchild, he aforementioned alright, I did with my blood brother brother that create some contradictions, and… ; … ;”

Before he may end, my grandparent got up from his chair and aforementioned, “okay, i do not need to listen to concerning you.

When my grandparent finished, the adult male nodded with all respect and walked out of the shroud with a smile.

As before long as they left, I asked my grandparent World Health Organization those folks were.

Instead of responsive my question, my grandparent asked American state to shut the door of the shop.

My grandparent said: “not to not do, is these days no business, you and that i return to the house, I actually have one thing to inform you.

It was the primary time my grandparent had spoken to American state therefore seriously since my oldsters died.

I had to shut the shop as granddaddy had ordered and follow him into the house.

Back within the house, granddaddy asked American state to kneel down before of my oldsters and did therefore, however I had a hunch one thing was planning to happen.

After I kneel down, granddaddy bimanual American state a number of columns of incense, let American state incense, when I end, my granddaddy said: “the 1st day, I these days before of your oldsters to allow you account of some things.

I nod to ask: “grandpa, what matter, create of therefore formal?”

My grandparent sighed and aforementioned, “there ar too several things that i am unable to say a lot of concerning. I will solely say that a number of your life is on the far side my management and can’t be suppressed. What ought to return can return.

Listen to my granddaddy therefore say, I stunned way: “grandpa, you’re dying, you offer yourself? you cannot die. you are the solely family within the world.”

I had simply finished cry American state, my granddaddy can scold a way: “you have a decent product, World Health Organization says i am dying, I mean, i am planning to leave this city, i am unable to with you along, that’s unhealthy for you, if you keep and can hurt you sooner or later, i used to be running out, additionally cannot say a lot of, in a word, does one keep in mind, granddaddy leave you, is for your own smart.”

I additionally need to mention what, my granddaddy the bags and take the journey: “you trust, all my family to you, I solely remove our deposit common fraction, save a 3rd for you for a living, of course, when the rent, the wreath store business financial gain, all belong to you, you’ll additionally use I teach you the abilities to earn cash, however one issue you wish to recollect, do not attempt to notice American state, otherwise would be a catastrophe, like at the start of your oldsters.”

I’m already unhappy that my granddaddy is going away, and i am even a lot of unhappy that he is planning to take common fraction of my married person mountain… ; … ;

So granddaddy aforementioned, I cried.

My grandparent additionally do not nonsense, account for these items, straightforward finish off some things, then left, too several words didn’t tell American state, additionally didn’t let American state send him.

As for the old man’s business tomorrow, my granddaddy aforementioned to let American state have intercourse unaccompanied. If the calculation is correct, i would like some cash.

Grandpa left, flower and that i skint up, during this county solely left American state alone someone.

What is my destiny?

And I forever felt that my grandparent had run away with common fraction of my married person mountain to flee the burden of marrying American state a married person. In alternative words, I had forced my grandparent… ; … ;

I suddenly had a pang of conscience at the thought.

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