Top 20 Smartest Dogs In The World

Different dog breeds have their own traits. Here is a list of the 20 smartest breeds according to veterinarians and trainers. These breeds are highly intelligent that can quickly learn complex commands and even can communicate with you, making them quite a good helper for you.

1. Old English Sheepdog

The eyeless English Sheepdog looks dopey, but they hide the wisdom with their downbeat appearance. They follow commands well and are especially good at herding animals.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

Being a big, imposing canine, they are often misunderstood as a lumbering and dim-witted dog. On the contrary, they’re intelligent and know how to protect the family and children from danger. That’s why people love them.

3. Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is sort of difficult to deal with as they’re an independent thinker. But don’t worry, if you train them well, they will be a very helpful dog. They’re tough, reliable for fieldwork, and will make positive impressions on everyone who gets to know them.

4. English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is known for having two characters. They are agile and ambitious when they go outside to do their job, while they will nestle in as loyal and sweet members of the family when they come home.

5. Poodle

The Poodle is a tall and majestic dog breed. In intelligence testing, this breed and its variations got stellar marks on memory and obedience. They often win women’s heart because of their noble appearance.

6. Brittany

The Brittany is a very industrious dog breed. They like to run around and complete tasks. Besides this, they’re renowned for being easy to train and sweet-natured.

7. Weimaraner

The Weimaraner looks tall and muscular, and they inevitably turn heads wherever they go. They’re fast learners and excel at retrieving and other hunting tasks. Even though sometimes, they’re a little bit stubborn; no one can deny their intelligence.

8. Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a brilliant breed, but they’re also an independent thinker. Although they can be trained, they don’t have patience in responding to commands that they see as unnecessary. They’re loyal to the family but are suspicious of strangers, making them a good family dog.

9. Great Dane

The Great Dane is more than a large canine, and their brains are in proportion to their size. Don’t be threatened by their body size, in fact, they’re gentle and have an adorable nickname “the world’s biggest lap dog” because they prefer sitting and leaning on their owners.

10. Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the loveliest dog breeds. They have a small body and are always exuberant. Although they’re quite smart, they are patient enough to follow more repetitive commands.

11. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Corgi is an adorable breed as they have very short legs and a bread-like butt. Besides, they’re brilliant little dogs and easy to train.

12. Irish Setter

In contrast with the Corgi, the Irish Setter is an elegant breed. They have long legs and a noble appearance, and of course, an intelligent brain. They’re loyal, playful, and a great family dog.

13. German Shorthaired Pointer

As their name suggests, pointers point. They point when they find danger. They’ll be in a robust forward stance and occasionally lift a paw to defense. They’re a helpful dog too.

14. Alaskan Husky

The Alaskan Husky is habituated to live in a cold and snowy environment. They often work in groups and have developed creative means of communicating and creating social order.

15. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is not a great guard dog because they are independent and bond less well with humans. They are however naturally adept at pulling sleds.

16. Collie

The Collie is a highly intelligent dog breed, adept at obedience training and is loyal family pets. A famous Collie named Lassie starred in a world-famous TV show in the 1950s won people’s hearts because he helped people out of dire situations.

17. Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd loves learning new tricks and games and these activities keep them focused and happy. Besides this, they have great stamina and work well over a variety of terrain, making them a favorite working dog.

18. Papillon

You may have noticed that a toy breed is rare in this list. Here is one for you! The Papillon is a smart teacup dog. They’re adept at obedience training and are incredibly loyal and can be as excellent watchdogs.

19. Australian Cattle Dog

Almost identical to Australian Shepherd, the Australian Cattle dog is loyal and sharp, excelling at obedience competitions and herding. They have developed a skillful ability to direct cattle back to their pens after grazing.

20. Golden Retriever

Almost everyone loves the Golden Retriever as they’re gentle, quiet, and protective. They’re smart of course and can be a very great companion, following you dutifully though life.

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