These Adorable Cats Prove They Rule The Roost

1. “Why are you looking so sad? You said we were good friends. Good friends share everything, don’t they?”

2. “If I fit, I lie.”

3. “Don’t leave me alone. I want to be with you all the time.”

4. Cats are masters of destruction. Knocking things over? All in a day’s work.

5. This cat absolutely steals the show.

6. This cat has no regrets about snatching the entire bed, and the dog has to put up with his wild behavior.

7. Nothing is impossible for a kitty. Some cats do like to sit like humans to show their authority.

8. This cat conspires with four dogs to steal the food.

9. “Stop reading. I’m more important, and I need your love now.”

10. Personal space is a thing of the past when you have a cat in your life.

11. This kitty’s laidback pose paired with those stunning shades screams “I am cooler than you.”

12. This cat is caught red-handed.

13. Disguised thief

14. Cats can rummage through your bag.

15. And even drink your coffee.

16. This cat is sleeping on his owner’s territory.

17. There’s no place where a cat can’t play.

18. When you tell your cat to stay off the counters…

19. It may seem impossible to stop your cats from shredding the tissue paper.

20. This cat doesn’t allow his owner to play games. “You can only play with me!”

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