20 Pets The Second They Realize They’re Going To The Vet

There is a certain level of trust in a healthy human-animal relationship. But when you take your pets to the vet, that trust can be irreparably damaged. You only need to catch a glance at those sad pleading eyes.

1. This canine may be brainstorming numerous plots for revenge after realizing he’s going to the dreaded vet. “I can’t believe you’d stab me in the back like this,” he seems to say.

2. This poor guy is so frightened that he leaps into his owner’s arms to calm his nerves. “Hug me and never let go!” he seems to say.

3. This dog picks a spot to hide to avoid going to the vet, but he doesn’t realize that he has to hide more than just his head for his trick to work.

4. Though the doctor looks so gentle, this little guy still has such sad eyes. And he seems not too thrilled about having his picture taken whilst suffering such a terrifying experience.

5. This cat is so nervous in the vet’s office that he takes to the sink which actually fits him perfectly. Hopefully, the doctor can do his work there, things will go a lot more smoothly if so.

6. Uh-oh, this crafty little guy gets so flustered seeing the vet that he tucks himself away in a trash can in a dark corner. A for the attempt, but F for execution.

7. The veterinarian made a big mistake by leaving the cabinet’s doors wide open, so the two nervous cats just hide there and postpone their vet visit for quite some time.

8. I don’t think it will take long for this cat to realize that she doesn’t fit into the drawer. She will have to admit defeat and face the veterinarian eventually.

9. This adorable bundle of cuteness seems to be trying hard to be brave for the doctor’s visit. You can imagine that he probably needs a lot of hugs and kisses after the vet’s work.

10. This lovely puppy seems to be at a loss in the veterinarian’s office. Her thousand-yard stare indicates nothing but intense fear and trepidation, yet still, her eyes are adorable.

11. Aww, even tears can be seen building up in the poor dog’s eyes as he stares at the doctor who is going to give him an examination. However hard you try to calm your pets on the ride to the vet’s office, it’s still a scary experience for them.

12. This nervous pooch burrows herself deep into her owner’s sweatshirt to avoid the doctor’s visit. But sorry, no hoodie in the world is big enough to allow this escape attempt to work.

13. The cute cat’s innocent eyes peering out from inside the sink are too adorable for words. They almost make you feel bad to have her go through such a terrifying ordeal. Hopefully, the vet can turn her fear into relief soon enough.

14. The look on this dog’s face seems to be the epitome of “petrified.” For him, the vet’s office is probably something he’ll never want to revisit. Baby, just go back home and take a shower.

15. Taking a page out of an ostrich’s book, this canine is trying to bury his head in the hope of protecting himself from a vet visit. However, he’ll soon learn that the tactic isn’t effective.

16. Facing fear in the vet’s office, this brave little soul is trying hard to stand tall, but he looks to be having a tough time. “Is it over yet?” his eyes seem to be asking.

17. The bond of trust between these two pups and their owners is obviously broken. “Could we at least stop at Starbucks on the way to the vet?” they seem to say.

18. The pair of innocent eyes on this cute guy just melts your heart. It makes you want to leap right into this image, hug and tell him everything will be okay.

19. This jar of cotton balls is apparently not big enough to hide this silly kitty. He will eventually have to face the fact that nothing can save him from the vet’s examination.

20. After a panic-including visit to the vet’s office, pets can usually get a loving hug or gentle stroke from their owners to move past the whole ordeal. The experience may be frightening, but it’s for their own good after all.

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