Celebrate Spring with Bright & Beautiful Images of Spring Flowers

Celebrate Spring with Bright & Beautiful Images of Spring Flowers

I love spring. There is something about watching the effects of winter melt away, revealing the solid ground beneath. The help celebrate the official arrival of Spring 2020, I have pulled together a collection of my favorite images of bright and beautiful Spring flowers.

Spring is a season of birth and renewal, particularly for those of us who live in colder climates.  But even in the southern states, you can see plants and trees spring back to life after their own version of winter hibernation.

Yes, I will admit that there is a certain dirty and muddy part that is a little less than perfect. As the snow melts away, it reveals a ravaged landscape that has been crushed under snow and ice for several months. The roads are coated with salt and sand that has been dropped, week after week, to keep the roads safe.

And the worms escape the frozen ground in droves every time the rain falls, creating a slimy pattern of wiggly creatures on sidewalks and patios.

But you can also see the small shoots of green as plants attempt to burst back to life.

The Beauty of Spring Flowers

For me, it’s when the Crocus and the Hyacinth start to bloom that I know Winter is truly over. Sometimes, that pesky season fools me and drops a foot of snow on top of these lovely and delicate flowers. But, even when that happens, I know that it won’t last, so that helps ease that particular pain.

Tulips and daffodils are sprinkled around my hard to give an early burst of color. And watching them push through the thawing ground to reach the sun is awe-inspiring.

And you can see the irises and the daylilies start to push through the ground. They may not be ready to bloom quite yet, but you know that their time will come.

And then come the flowering trees and shrubs. In case you haven’t figured it out by my odes to the flowering crabapple tree or the forsythia bush, I LOVE flowering trees and shrubs.

When I first moved into this home, it was a barren landscape where the only thing in the back yard that even remotely resembled the color green were the weeds. Weekend after weekend, I would head to the garden centers around me and come home with literal truckloads of plants, shrubs, and trees.

I now have a variety of pretty spring flowers that bloom in almost ever corner of my yard. My latest addition is an absolutely gorgeous magnolia tree, and I can’t wait to see that burst into life this spring. And, yes, I will probably write about it when that happens!

Lilacs are another favorite of mine, not only because of their rich and beautiful colors, but the fragrance is absolutely stunning.

There are few things in this world quite as lovely as the smell of a bunch of freshly cut lilacs in a beautiful spray. The great thing about these versatile flowers is that they are lovely enough feel equality at home in a formal living room as they do in a country kitchen.

Spring Forward

Normally, all this refers to is the dreaded clock change. But this year, it feels like Spring Forward means something a little bit different.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel like I needed Spring more this year than ever before. Despite a milder than normal winter where I live, the combination of the cold, dark months, the Covid isolation, and the social and economic struggles that the world has been struggling with has been somewhat overwhelming.

That is part of the reason why this Spring feels fresher than normal. It feels like there is hope wrapped up in every bit of green that is pushing through the damp and still-frozen landscape.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into it. Perhaps this renewal is no more of a metaphor for better days to come than it has been any other year. But it feels like it to me.

Spring Flowers – A Photo Gallery

And that’s why I choose this year to create a bright and beautiful gallery of some of my favorite images of Spring.

Feel free to browse them, share them, and I hope they bring you as much joy looking at them all as it did for me to post them!

I hope you enjoyed the photo gallery of Spring Flowers and you can join me in looking forward to when these beautiful things leap off the page and into a garden near you!

Have anything to add? Please leave a comment or question below! 

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