Tips for getting rid of bad breath

Tips for getting rid of bad breath

Life annoying thing, because not give or take an injection take medicine, because a lot of things can’t ease, bad breath is depends on oral disease or dental problems, which does not rule out is the intestinal come up to the smell of the cause of bad breath, in the event of a bad breath, can use some methods to halitosis, both inside and outside and achieve results.

1, hawthorn to remove halitosis: hawthorn 9 ~ 12 grams, Fried soup when tea to drink, can eliminate halitosis.
2, orange peel licorice sugar to remove halitosis: equal amount of orange peel, licorice, sugar, boiled water infusion, regular can remove halitosis.
3. Honey sunflower seeds to remove halitosis: mash sunflower seeds and honey into pills, including in the mouth, can remove halitosis.
4, olive alum water to remove halitosis method: take 10 grams of alum, dissolved in 100 grams of water, then put 10 crushed olives, soak for half an hour, used for gargle, 3 to 4 times a day, about 15 minutes each time, two to three days, generally can remove halitosis.

5. Tea leaves to eliminate halitosis :(1) chew several pieces of tea leaves slowly. Can temporarily eliminate bad breath. (2) insist on drinking a cup of fresh tea every day, about half a month can be eradicated.
6. Dog meat to remove halitosis: cook dog meat and slice it when it is cool. Take it with salt to remove halitosis.
7, lotus leaves to remove halitosis: lotus leaves 3 ~ 5 grams brewing and drinking, halitosis can be removed.
8, chrysanthemum tea purify halitosis: 20 grams chrysanthemum, put 4 cups of water boil chrysanthemum tea, often drink, can except liver, stomach disease caused halitosis.
9. Rice washing water to remove halitosis: boil rice washing water to gargle, can treat halitosis and oral ulcer.
10, clove to remove halitosis: clove 2 grams, points in the mouth, can remove halitosis.

11, peanut to remove halitosis: peeled peanut kernel stew boiling water, regular service has the effect of halitosis.
12, reed root to remove halitosis: take 40 grams of fresh reed root, 10 grams wind protection, add appropriate amount of rock sugar, Fried soup drink, three times a day, even for several days, can remove halitosis.

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