Surprised! Afternoon Tea Is So Good

Surprised! Afternoon Tea Is So Good

The benefits of drinking afternoon tea regularly

  3pm to 6pm every day, is the most prone to hunger, but also “greedy” is the most active time, so a nutritious afternoon tea is essential. Studies have shown that healthy afternoon tea can enhance people’s memory and resilience. Now people are busy in all walks of life, often because of time constraints, lunch in a hurry, in the afternoon will be hungry, at this time a cup of nutritious afternoon tea is refreshing, and comfort hungry stomach. For office workers who work by the computer every day, afternoon tea can not only eliminate fatigue, but also prevent computer radiation.

What foods are good for afternoon tea

    The effect of tea on human health cannot be ignored. In addition to being able to breathe, tea is also beneficial to human health, especially afternoon tea. Black tea has a mild, mellow flavor that helps build strong bones. Tea is rich in flavonoids, which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women. A study has found that women who regularly take afternoon tea are slimmer because they eat fewer and more meals. Next, drink black tea to be able to prevent and cure flu, myocardial infarction, cerebral apoplexy and skin disease. Drinking afternoon tea can replenish energy in time to cope with the modern society the fast pace.

    However, afternoon tea also need not be too rich, if high calorie chocolate, cake intake, but will cause problems with blood sugar. In general, a cup of black tea or yogurt, with seasonal fruit, or with a small amount of cereal crackers, nuts, is enough. If you are a brain worker, since the brain is the place where the body consumes the most energy, and the brain can only use the energy generated by the decomposition of carbohydrates, so take some starch food in the afternoon, can help the brain flexible operation.

    Still can choose nut kind of food (if walnut, almond, pine kernel, chestnut, cashew, etc.) as snack, 50 grams a week advisable. Nuts are nutritious, rich in protein and fat, and also contain a lot of vitamin E, vitamin Bg, magnesium, potassium, copper, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and more dietary fiber, good for health. Another study found that eating a small amount of nuts every week can help keep your heart healthy.

The choice of afternoon tea should follow the following principles:

    (1) choose snacks suitable for individuals according to their physical condition and dinner intake. If the energy intake of three meals is not enough, can choose energy-rich snacks to supplement; For people who need to control their energy intake, foods with sugar or fat are limited snacks and should be eaten as little as possible. If three meals of vegetables, fruit intake is insufficient, should choose fruit as a snack.

    (2) choose snacks with high nutritional value. Such as fruits, dairy products, nuts, etc., these snacks provide nutrients. It can be used as an adjunct to a meal.
    (3) a suitable time should be chosen. General lunch after 3 to 4 hours, stomach food almost finished digestion, at this time people will feel hungry. Additional, the amount of snack shoulds not be too much, lest affect the appetite of main meal and appetite.

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