How Do We Eat Breakfast?

How Do We Eat Breakfast?

The people take food as the day, breakfast is the most important meal in a day, that eats breakfast to have contraindication — return true have!

Many people, especially office workers, eat a fairly simple breakfast. In fact, breakfast should be eaten well, and do not eat breakfast is harmful to health.

Next, introduce for everybody the 3 kinds of things that should not eat in the morning as well as eat breakfast contraindication, must give the person that the side does not have delicious breakfast to see!

You shouldn’t eat these three things in the morning.

1. You shouldn’t eat pineapple on an empty stomach in the morning
Pineapple contains strong ferment, hollow eat can hurt stomach, its nutrition must be absorbed better after eating meal, and eat pineapple after meal can also help digestion.

2. Don’t drink lots of cold drinks in the morning

After getting up in the morning, the stomach is still in a fragile state, if suddenly drink a lot of cold drinks, the temperature difference is too large will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, leading to sudden contracture.

The best way to wake up the stomach is to drink a cup of about 200 milliliters of warm water, if you have a cold stomach, drink a cup of jujube ginger water is better!

3. You shouldn’t eat bananas on an empty stomach in the morning

In banana besides contain the potassium that helps sleep, still contain a lot of magnesium element, if hollow edible, can make the content of magnesium in blood rises suddenly, and magnesium is one of sensitive elements that affect cardiac function. And eat bananas on an empty stomach in the morning, it’s also easy to acid.

4 taboos about eating breakfast

Avoid: early in the morning to eat breakfast

A lot of people get up in the morning to eat breakfast immediately, especially those who are used to getting up at 5, 6 o ‘clock, get up to eat breakfast, still think so can in time compensatory body needs, also benefit body absorption. But in fact, breakfast eats too early, not only to healthy profitless, still possibly injure intestines and stomach by accident.

The expert points out, the person is in the process of nocturnal morpheus, most organs of the body got rest, but digestive organs because need to digest absorb dinner food, usually arrive early in the morning just enter true rest state. If you eat breakfast too early, it will affect the rest of the gastrointestinal tract, in the long run will damage gastrointestinal function.

Avoid: “milk and eggs” instead of staple food

“Milk adds egg” it is the main content that a lot of people breakfast, but such breakfast collocation is not science.

Milk and eggs, though rich in protein and fat, do not provide enough carbohydrates to fuel the body.

So why not go with a few pieces of bread, a few pieces of steamed bread and so on.
Avoid: for a long time only to “youtiao add soy milk” as breakfast.

Compared with the more westernized version of “milk and eggs”, the traditional Chinese version of “deep-fried dough sticks with soy milk” is favored by more people, but it is also unhealthy to eat.

Youtiao in the process of high temperature frying, nutrients were destroyed, adverse to human health. In addition, youtiao has the same problems as other Fried food, such as high fat and high calorie.

Plus soyabean milk also belongs to food of sex of fat in, the fat amount of combination of this kind of breakfast exceeds bid apparently, can occasionally, but unfavorable long-term edible.

Avoid: eat too greasy breakfast

Because a lot of people are aware of the importance of breakfast, so in the choice of breakfast food as rich as possible, a lot of intake of high protein, high calorie, high fat food, such as cheese, hamburger, Fried chicken wings, Fried food and so on. But too “nutrition” breakfast will only increase the burden of stomach, harmful to the body.

In early morning, the spleen of human body is difficult sluggish, food nutrition overdose can exceed the digestive capacity of gastric bowel, food is unfavorable be digested absorb. Over time, the digestive function will be reduced, leading to gastrointestinal diseases, and cause obesity.

Better an egg in the morning than an elixir

Since breakfast is so important, what is the best thing to eat in the morning? Of course, eggs!

1. Get good protein. Compared with foods such as porridge and bread, the amino acid composition of the protein in eggs is basically similar to that of the human body. The utilization rate of protein in eggs is higher than that of porridge and bread.

2. Increase satiety. Eggs can not only provide the body with enough protein, but also slow the rate of gastric emptying, extending the feeling of fullness after a meal.

It helps you lose weight. Eating eggs for breakfast can reduce your calorie intake for lunch and throughout the day, helping to control your weight.

Improve your memory. Eggs are rich in choline, which is essential for the synthesis of the brain’s neurotransmitter acetylcholine, as well as important components of cell membranes, which help improve memory and concentration.

Increase your alertness. Eggs are rich in tyrosine, which makes people respond more quickly. So for motorists, eating eggs for breakfast helps them drive safely.

Protect your eyesight. Lutein and zeaxanthin in egg yolks protect the eyes from uv rays and help reduce the risk of cataracts. Eat an egg in the morning, have profit greatly to the computer clan with overuse eye.

Therefore, it is very necessary for brainy office workers and students to eat an egg for breakfast.

What’s the best way to eat eggs?

No. 1: boiled egg in shell

Have a study to show, the protein digestibility of boiled egg is as high as 99.7%, can be absorbed by human body almost completely use.

No. 2: poached and scrambled eggs

The protein digestibility of these two methods is 98%.

No. 3: scrambled eggs

Protein digestibility is 97%.

No. 4: steamed eggs

Protein digestibility 92.5%.

No. 5: raw eggs

Protein digestibility is only 30-50%.

Warm tips:

For health reasons, it is not recommended to eat raw eggs, because raw eggs contain a lot of bacteria such as e. coli, which can easily cause diarrhea if eaten without cooking.

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