Honey Beauty Method

Honey Beauty Method

     Drinking honey water usually makes the skin very delicate. Honey can be eaten directly or applied to the skin to make the skin smoother. In addition, honey and water are put together, and even after mixing, you can wash your face. Everyone Know that it works well, now recommend some beauty methods for everyone, there is always one that can suit you.

     First, choose the right amount of honey, then add a certain amount of flour and water, in order to make the moisturizing effect last longer, put some glycerin, stir these things evenly, make a face cream, apply it on the face, 20 After a minute, wash it off with water. It is best to use warm water. This method can help you wrinkle, and can also dilute the chloasma. It is also good for treating acne.

     Second, three tablespoons of honey, add an egg, stir well, then add some olive oil, be sure to beat evenly, especially the eggs, let the three mix evenly, then apply it to the face, ten minutes Just use warm water to slowly remove these things from the face. You don’t need to do it every day. You can do it once every two weeks to make your skin smooth.

     Third, put the right amount of honey and milk powder into the egg white, stir the three together, mix well, then use a cotton swab to draw on your face, no need to apply too thick, thin layer Just stop on the face for about 20 minutes, then wash it. Use it for one month every day. The skin will be obviously improved and the hydration effect is very good.

     Fourth, honey and water are diluted together. This is also the easiest way. If you are afraid of being sticky, you can add a little more water. Apply it to your face and gently massage your face to help reduce wrinkles. .

     There is always one of these methods that can suit you. Usually you should pay attention to these methods. If you are a little fat, you can also take honey water to lose weight. These methods have certain effects on yourself. Now you know the benefits. Are you starting to act as a mask?

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