Did You Know Figs Have So Many Benefits

Did You Know Figs Have So Many Benefits

    Figs are not familiar to many people and are rarely eaten in everyday life, but they have a long history. Figs have been cultivated in Egypt since 4700 BC, and were introduced to China during the tang dynasty. FIG is a kind of fruit that nutrition is very rich actually, hold concurrently at the same time ornamental value and health preservation value.

    Figs are a rare fruit variety in China. There are not many people who eat figs, but figs have these nutritional values.

Protect the throat

    Figs are used to treat sore throat and hoarseness. Soak dried figs in boiling water and take daily to relieve discomfort in your throat.

Fall hematic fat

    The lipase and hydrolytic enzyme contained in figs can promote the decomposition of blood lipids, reduce the triglyceride in the blood, and also reduce the occurrence of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Runchang purge

    Fresh figs contain malic acid, citric acid, lipase and other substances, can promote the human body to the digestion of food, at the same time, figs contain a variety of lipids, can play a role in run-bowel laxative.


FIG fruit milk has an inhibitory effect on sarcoma, breast tumor, adenocarcinoma, leukemia, and lymphatic sarcoma. Clinically, FIG can also be used to treat various malignant tumors. Daily use of FIG pulp soup can effectively prevent a variety of cancers.

Fall blood sugar

    The hydrolytic enzyme in figs not only helps reduce blood fats, but also lowers blood sugar levels in the body, no matter how you eat it.

Promote digest

    Figs are rich in enzymes that are mixed with gastric juices to aid digestion. If you have an appetite loss or digestive problems, eat fresh figs daily.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

    People with hemorrhoids can eat 3 or 4 figs raw every day, or put a lot of figs into the bath after the leaves can help treat hemorrhoids. In addition, also can collect the leaves of a lot of figs add water after suffering to black, put its juice into the pot after adding boiling water, in the bottom of the pot thick shop towel, and then sit bath, do 4-5 times a day, its therapeutic effect is excellent.

    Figs are suitable for a wide range of people, in addition to good taste, in addition to a variety of diseases have a better therapeutic effect.

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