Top 10 Things Not To Wear On A Plane If You Don’t Want To Ruin Your Travel

The tricks of in-fight fashion are not the same as those on the ground. When you have to sit for an extended amount of time in an airplane flying 35,000 feet in the sky, comfort definitely comes before style. Here are some flying fashion don’ts we have collected for you. Check them out!

1. Summer clothes

Can’t wait to head for a sunny beach vacation? Chances are that you’re so excited for the beach and sunshine that you completely forgot about the temperature conditions on the airplane. Remember to resist putting on your fancy resort wear until you arrive at your destination, and dress in layers during the plane ride. Otherwise, you’ll end up shivering all the way.

2. Complicated items

Never ever wear any complicated outfits that will be too difficult to get off and on in a tight place! Just picture yourself struggling in the teeny-tiny airplane bathroom if you insist on going on the trip with your jumpsuit or wrap skirt.

3. Baggy clothes

Oversized clothing seemed to be a good choice on an airplane. However,  it may cause some delays as the security might think you’re hiding something under your bagging clothing.

4. Uncomfortable shoes

When it comes to shoes for flying, comfort comes before fashion. A pair of comfortable flats will definitely make it easier for you to get to the boarding gate. Additionally, avoid choosing any shoes in which you already feel a bit tight as your feet will swell during the flight.

5. Flip Flops

What if – God forbid – there is a crash or emergency and you have to escape with your flimsy flip flops? Really Horrifying! The flip flops will make it hard for you to quickly evacuate from the airplane, and you might even trip.

6. Excessive perfume

Perfume lovers beware! A little spray behind the earlobes is acceptable, but wearing too much perfume may annoy your fellow passengers. Just because you like the scent of a certain perfume doesn’t mean people around you will. You can apply more once you arrive.

7. Contact lens

Flying with contact lens is very uncomfortable. The humidity within the cabin will drop significantly, causing your lenses to dry out. And if you have a nap, you will definitely wake up with dry eyes. Please wear your glasses during the flight for comfort.

8. Pajamas

This one seems obvious, right? Although comfort is crucial on a long-haul flight, your pajamas are something that you should always wear in private.

9. Your favorite outfit

With Facebook just starting to record your journey, you’ll perhaps immediately put on a beloved outfit for your flight. However, you’d better resist that temptation. Why? you may ask. Well, it’s exceedingly easy to spill a beverage on your nice clothing when an airplane is crossing a zone of turbulence. Don’t ruin your mood at the start of your travels.

10. Metallic Sweaters

If you are going to choose a sweater with a little sparkle, make sure those dazzling little pieces in your sweater are not metal. Otherwise, you will absolutely be stopped when you get through the security.

11. Tight clothing

Just skip the supremely tight clothing, which can restrict blood flow, especially when your flight is longer than five hours. Passengers with tight clothes are at higher risks of suffering from deep vein thrombosis, which is a life-threatening symptom.

12. Leggings

You might think leggings are the most perfect travel pant, but the truth is that they are likely to prevent you from boarding. United Airlines once forbade two teenagers wearing leggings to board as the leggings violated the airline’s dress code policy. Give up your comfortable leggings unless you want to be kicked off an airplane.

13. Itchy fabrics

Have you ever been bothered by your scratchy or itchy clothing on an airplane? When you are preparing your in-flight outfit, make sure you’ve paid attention to the fabric. Itchy fabrics such as wool and laces can easily make you feel uncomfortable as the temperature fluctuation in the cabin will sensitize your delicate skin.

Check what you are wearing before you go for a nice flight 🙂

Hope you enjoy your holiday with loved ones after landing:)

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