How To Look Thinner: 6 Makeup And Fashion Tips For Petite Plus-Size Women

‘How to look thinner’ is the most concerned topic for plus-size women. Look at those plus-size celebrities such as Adele and Kat Dennings, have you found that they always look thinner and taller than their actual appearance? What are their makeup tricks to slim the face? How do they choose their dressing style? Do you want to know their slim secrets? Don’t worry, follow 3 makeup tips and 3 fashion tips we compiled below for you, the slim magic will happen.

No Fat Face-3 Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face

1. Highlight & Contour- Fuller Face Foundation Shading Tips

Contouring is the key when you are trying to slim your face. You should have an idea of to use highlighter and where to use bronzer on your face. Contouring and highlighting inappropriate places on your face could create a totally opposite effect.

Check this video first to know more about how to contour and highlight your face.

Starting with a good base is the first step of the slimming process. It’s very important to use two different shades of foundation. Choose a foundation that will exactly match with your skin tone and another just slightly darker.

The lighter foundation should be applied to your nose, chin, forehead area and under your eyes. The darker one should be applied to your temples and jawline. Be sure you blend properly.

There are a lot of foundation choices, here we recommend using a quality brand such as Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown and M.A.C.

Alternatively, you can buy a good contour kit for a quicker and less complicated result. Basically concentrate on the outer corners of your face, temples and right under your cheeks, the sides of your nose and cheekbones. (see the image above ⬆).

Light brown and caramel colors could achieve a more effective result for slimming your face. You can try brand like Make Up For Ever or Nars as your first contour kit.

2. Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Eyebrows can do a lot for slimming for your face so please don’t ignore them. Look at the images below to see how celebrities change their eyebrow makeup.

Have you found the difference? Actually, they both add the volume and length of eyebrows to soften the rounder curves of their faces.

Make sure your eyebrows are in proper proportion and position. Normally, eyebrows should start from the point which is perpendicular to the inside corner of your eyes and end at the point which could draw a straight line from the wing of your nose to your eyebrow. You can take a pencil to measure the length of your eyebrow. Remember to avoid too thin and too little eyebrows especially for strong and larger facial features (eyes, nose, lips). Too thin eyebrows will add visual weight to your face.

It is advisable to make highly arched eyebrows. This trick will soften the rounder curves of your face, giving the illusion that your eyes are larger thus slimming your facial area.

Follow the image above to create a perfect highly arched eyebrow.

Always use brown or beige eyebrow powders or definer to achieve a natural effect. Black eyebrows are usually too heavy which draw all the attention to your eyebrows. Burberry cosmetics has been very popular this year, you can try their Effortless Eyebrow Definer.

3. Blusher & Bronzer

Stay away from bright blushers if you have chubby cheeks. Look at Ginnfer’s choice, opt for a more bronze toned blusher could to create high cheekbones to slim your face area.

Another tip is be sure to avoid applying it to the apples of your cheeks which will make you look even chubbier. Instead, apply the colors from the top area of your ears to the back of the cheekbone, toward the temple. The slim effect will be more obvious.

Caramel, orange, dark pink are recommended colors for chubby face. Burberry or Bare Minerals are good choices of blusher.

3 Golden Rules Of Dressing

For petite plus-size women, the most concerned topic of fashion is how to dress to look slim. But girls, always remember to be confident!

Look at Adele, Kat and Ginnfer’s dressing styles, they provide inspirations for plus-size women. Follow three golden rules we concluded below, to look thinner and taller will not only be a dream!

1. Wear The Right Colors- Monochromatic Colors

Avoid colors and patterns that draw attention to the widest parts of your body. Remember the rule of the longer the single blocks of color are, the taller you will appear. The ideal outfit for plus-size women is mostly one color. Look at Adele, Kat and Kate’s choices, maxi dress of simple color can hide your figure’s shortcomings.

Always show some skin of your neck and body to create an illusion of a taller and thinner body. You can try a v-neck maxi dress with lace trim as below⬇. Black color will make you look thinner, and the design of cold shoulder could increase your sexy sense. Pick a pair of long metal pierced earrings, a black shoulder bag and high heels with this dress will give you an elegant and sexy look.

Maxi Dress: River Island, $90
Earrings: River Island, $16
Bag & Shoes: Banana Republic, $90 & $150

If you prefer a shorter dress, then see Kat and Ginnfer’s choices.

Keeping the visual line of your legs as long as possible which will make you look taller.
You can try the look as below ⬇. The unique design of sleeves and the back will make you look interesting but fresh. This look is a popular choice for dating.

Dress: River Island, $80.00
Earrings: River Island, $15
Bag & Shoes: River Island, $32 & $100

2. Highlight Your Waist

Always remember to highlight your waist. It could increase your height and narrow down your body width visually. Look at the image below⬇, Adele chose a whole black jumpsuit with a belt to create a more perfect body proportion (the left side). Or you can do as Ginnfer did (the right side), a short sleeveless top with nine minute pants also make you look tall and thin.

Using a belt to highlight the waist is a common choice.
The army green jumpsuit we suggest below is a good choice for your daily look especially at work. The most eye-catching part is the belt which could slightly tighten your waist to highlight the thinnest part of your body⬇.

Jumpsuit: River Island, $90
Earrings: River Island, $14
Bag & Shoes: River Island, $110 & $70

Want a sweet look? See Ginnfer and Kat’s daily styles. You can pick a simple top with a skirt, but remember to put your top in the skirt to highlight your waist.

Try a look as below⬇. Wear a pure white top with a wide boat neck can soften a full bust. Navy stripes skirt is the symbol of naval academy style, it is suitable for summer, relaxed and comfortable.

Top: River Island, $52
Skirt: River Island, $60
Earrings & Shoes: River Island, $10 & $90

3. Vertical Lines And Patterns

Vertical lines provide a nice contrast to curvy shapes. Remember to avoid large patterns. Huge patterns that cover your outfit often appear overwhelming. As a result, your curves get masked, and you may end up looking heavier.

Stick with smaller patterns that are limited to one area of your body. You can try the look as below⬇.

Dress: River Island, $80
Sunglass: River Island, $28
Shoes: River Island, $90

Have you got any inspiration from these tips? Hope this stuff can help you! If you have any special makeup tricks or fashion tips for plus size women, feel free to share them with us.

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