Winter is synonymous with chapped lips. And as such, many of us try to counteract this evilness by lathering on thick, hydrating lip balms day-in and day-out throughout the season.

Although this does allow us to relieve a dry pout, it can sometimes mean unwanted congestion is caused, resulting in the form of lip pimples and blackheads. 

We spoke to Kayla Houlihan, founder of the Australian made, natural skin care label, Tribe, on what causes congestion around the lip area, how to avoid it and the key ingredient she recommends for preventing the issue…

What causes lip congestion?

Congestion around the lip area can be attributed to the high oil content found in lip products. “While your lips don’t have hair follicles, the skin around your lips does,” says Kayla. “When these hair follicles get blocked or inflamed, breakouts can form in the area”.

How to prevent lip pimples

Do not fear; the solution isn’t one of the other. You can  have hydrated lips without the breakouts, it’s just dependant on your application method and the ingredients in the products you’re using. 

“Although it sounds obvious, [its important to] keep the lip balm contained to your lips, rather than on the skin around the area,” says Kayla. “Keep the area around your lips clean and dry”.

Sounds simple enough right? Well, not always. If you tend to over extend your lippy onto the skin, use a tissue to dab around your lips after application. 

Ingredients to avoid

When it comes to checking you balm’s ingredient list, Kayla advises to “avoid comedogenic oils” as they are more likely to block your pores, leading to congestion. These include coconut oil and palm oil.

Great alternatives to look out for are almond oil lip balms and glosses, which are “non-comedogenic and super hydrating and repairing, ” she says.

 So next time you’re aimlessly looking our the window and lathering that lip gloss on, make sure you are colouring between the lines and using products that won’t encourage break uts.

We’ve already got enough on our plates, we really don’t need to be worrying about big whitehead pimples as we lean in for a smooch too.

Do you get congestion around the mouth? Do you think it is from your lip balm?

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