Cream eyeshadows are our go-to when we want a dewy wash of colour, or a strong and grabby base for powder shadows.

Although perfect for long-lasting wear on the eye, with their tendency to dry down quickly, they can have the opposite effect when sitting in their pot. 

Here are our top tips to ensure your cream shadows stay exactly as they should… CREAMY.

1. Try a little heat

Sometimes all your cream eyeshadow needs is a little de-frosting. Try warming up the product with heat from your hairdryer.

Hold it pointing at the cream shadow for 30 seconds to one minute, then give the product a stir with a cotton bud. 

2. Add some witch hazel 

Witch hazel is often recommended to revive cream eyeshadow, as it’s skin safe and soothing for puffy eyes (win-win). 

Mix some through your shadow using a small, clean utensil, (i.e. a small knife or cotton bud) then smooth the mixture back over so it’s flat and compact.

3. Mix in a facial spray

If you a love a face mist for hydrating your skin, you’ll also love the fact they can bring some life back to your cream shadows.

Simply spray as much as it takes to loosen the consistency, then give it a mix. 

4. Give it a (super quick) microwave hit

Place your eyeshadow pot into the microwave for no more than 10 second intervals at a time until the formula is soft. 

Mix, and press down, making sure to get rid of any air bubbles and allowing it to completely cool down before applying to the eyes.

For those looking for a cream shadow.

Have any of your cream products dried out? Do you have any tips on how to bring them back to life?

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