The truth of the matter is anyone can write ‘anti-ageing’ or ‘age-defying’ on a beauty product  –  but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

The term anti-ageing is so broad that it has the potential to encompass all sorts of things, including things that don’t actually relate to your skin type or concerns at all.

And if you’re really trying to maintain the health of your complexion for the most youthful, glowing skin possible, it’s more about tailoring your routine to your specific needs than falling for something that just says it’ll do the job.

So to help you navigate what’s actually going to make a difference and what’s just fluff, here are the myths and facts about anti-ageing skin care you need to know.

TRUTH: Your skin will change as you get older

There is plenty of scientific research to back that our skin will change as we age. Our collagen production slows, expression lines become a little deeper and more permanent, and pigmentation becomes more prominent. But it’s recognising these changes for what they are and how you can counteract them that will help you create a skin care routine to suit.

MYTH: Mature is a skin type

But just because our skin changes, it doesn’t mean everyone’s complexion can be lumped into a ‘mature’ category. Some of us may experience dryness, while others may experience adult acne or sensitivity. There’s no one-size-fits all when it comes to skin care, including once you reach a ‘certain age’.

TRUTH: Active ingredients are key

Checking the ingredients on your skin care products will provide way more intel than any marketing labels. Look for active ingredients with proven claims and results. AHAs like lactic and glycolic acid will gently exfoliate for smoother skin texture and vitamin C is a great one for providing antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors and brightening dullness. And then of course, there’s retinol. The most scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredient, it helps to resurface the skin, tackling texture and pigmentation, among a whole list of other benefits.

MYTH: You have to spend big to see results

Just because the number of candles on your birthday cake is increasing, doesn’t mean the price of your skin care has to. There are plenty of affordable brands that harness the power of the ingredients mentioned above. Look for actives and scientifically proven claims rather than a high price tag

TRUTH: What you do on the inside makes a difference

A healthy, balanced diet and consistent water intake will always aid in keeping skin in a good condition. Treat your body well on the inside and it will treat your skin well as a result. Adding an ingestible to your routine is also a good way to boost your nourishment and work on your skin from within. Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Mature Skin Tablets help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production. And those active ingredients we mentioned before? The tablets also contain retinol and vitamin C to improve skin elasticity and firmness, while also improving nail and hair health, which can also take a hit as we age.

MYTH: It’s all just genetics

While it’s true that genetics can play a part, they’re also not the be all and end all. Just because your relatives may have had good skin doesn’t guarantee you’ll glow to the grave, just the same as you shouldn’t assume you’ll be wrinkly as a prune because your mother was. Take care of your skin and adjust your routine to its ever-changing needs — it’ll always prove better than doing nothing.

TRUTH: You can’t stop it all

In the same vein, miracles can’t be expected. Lines will happen, spots will pop up, but it’s all just a part of it. Love your skin no matter how it transforms. After all, its changes simply tell the story of the life you’ve led so far.

Are you surprised by any of these myths and facts? What’s the best skin care tip you’ve learnt?

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