Although it’s easy to get carried away planning the venue, catering and guest list of your wedding day, there’s also an equally stressful thing to keep in mind—your beauty look.

Not every bride wants a professional makeover on their big day. After all, no one knows the contours of your face, the way makeup settles into your skin or the textures that suit your complexion best.
 So, if you want to take control of how you look on your wedding day, then look no further.
 We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about DIY bridal beauty, according to the experts. 


Fans of expensive-looking hair needn’t worry: the look isn’t hard to master, it just requires some hot rollers, a curling iron and some bobby pins.
 “For a classic bridal look, go for set, blow-dried and shiny curls that are free and summery, rather than scrunched or textured.
 Start by curling the hair, followed by a light mist of setting spray. Quickly fix the curled section into a hot roller with a bobby pin to hold,” says renowned UK hairdresser Sam McKnight.

 For a luxe, 1970s ripple effect, use tongs or rollers, just don’t plaster your hair with lacquer.
 “The way to keep curls modern is to make sure you can still run your fingers through them,” says McKnight.
 Which is why mousse, with its ability to softly mould hair, is a must have for wedding hair artists. 

 For those after beachy waves, the look is similarly easy to achieve.”Beachy looks are easy to copy: Begin with clean, shampooed and well conditioned hair, followed by a sea salt spray and a scrunching motion with the hands while the hair is wet.” says McKnight.

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Makeup artist Wendy Rowe suggests avoiding fake tans for weddings, in favour of a more low-key, natural look.
 If you’re looking for colour, try injecting hues like lavender or bright white into other parts of your makeup look. An otherwise nude palette with a peachy blush gives bridal looks a cool “caught in a summer storm” look.
 For an even more glamorous look, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury suggests using golds and bronzes to sculpt and highlight, rather than sun-kiss the skin.
 But if that looks too complicated, try a lighter sculpting motion for a sharp-cheekboned, face-lifting look. 

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Dark, sexy eyes are a modern bridal classic, even in summer.
 “Go for a DIY smoky eye—rock’n’roll but innocent and not too perfect,” says Terry Barber, head of makeup artistry at M.A.C.
 If you prefer just a wisp of smoke, try putting on a dark eye then taking half of it off, because it looks too ‘done’,” says Barber. 

 If black seems too harsh, navy and slate blues can be used, while makeup queen Pat McGrath suggests a “blush with a bit of an eye” look, using sun-kissed golds and browns.
 The result: soft, coffee-stained lids. Too busy to blend? Go for the DIY liner look. Don’t worry about the wobbles—the attitude is in the imperfection.

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A statement lip is perfect for a summer wedding, so if you’re into ruby lips, look no further.
 It can look gorgeously retro or feel totally now—there’s no middle road with reds. Go for cooler reds for a more contemporary look, or warmer for a vintage feel. 

 “There’s something defiant about a red lip on a bride or bridesmaid” says Barber.
 “Like a flame-coloured lip on an unmade-up face.”

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 Bare lips haven’t been banished, either, they’ve just settled into our list of modern makeup basics.
 You want to look a little less kiss-the-concealer ’60s, a little more natural.
 The key is using a dot of foundation and lip balm to soften bright lips without blanking them out.
 Start experimenting.

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